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A special emphasis of the conference will be presented by descendants of these Santa Fe Trail Travelers. At this point in time we are unaware of all speakers that will be at this event. We will update you with the speakers names once they have been confirmed with the Citizens committee for Historic Preservation. If you are interested in sharing your wonderful stories at this conference regarding the Santa Fe Trail please contact LVCCHP.

Las Vegas Citizens Committee for Historic Preservation

116 Bridge Street

Las Vegas, NM 87701



The Trail Ahead

The Santa Fe Trail started in Missouri, ended in New Mexico and stretched roughly 800 miles. The trail was primarily used for the trading of cloth, shoes, tools and other items that would not perish over time. The goods that came from New Mexico typically consisted of mules, silver bars and coins; the goods shipped from Missouri consisted of iron, cooking implements and cloth. All travelers of the trail were under constant threat of the elements, robbers, and native tribes which meant that this trail was not only physically demanding, but also life threatening. It is impossible to cover all the history that occurred on the Santa Fe trail, but it is possible to scrape the surface. In order to learn more fascinating details about the Santa Fe Trail visit or attend the Santa Fe Trail Travelers and Their Descendants Conference on June 15th, 2016 through June 17th, 2016 at Las Vegas, NM. The events will move from Las Vegas, NM to Fort Union, NM on the 18th and 19th.

Santa Fe Trail Travelers and Their Descendants Conference

The Las Vegas Citizens Committee for Historical Preservation is seeking descendants of the Santa Fe Trail Travelers to attend a conference on June 15th – 17th, in Las Vegas, NM. More events will take place at Fort Union on the 18th & 19th. This will be a reunion and story telling event that focuses on the travelers of the Santa Fe trail and their descendants. The Santa Fe trail started in Missouri and ended in New Mexico and was traveled by covered wagons pulled by oxen with a wagon master that led the way. Life on the Santa Fe trail was not easy and the people who traveled this trail left behind extraordinary and beautiful stories to their descendants. It is the goal of this conference to share these stories and talk about the incredible lives of these travelers. All the speakers at this event are descendants of Santa Fe trail travelers. We hope that you are able to attend the Santa Fe Trail Travelers and Their Descendants Conference and bring all the stories of your ancestors journeys on the Santa Fe trail.